Why is my horse so itchy?

Horses that constantly rub and itch particularly during the summer months most often have a hypersensitivity to insect bites (culicoides or midges). 

The itch is often referred to as sweet itch or Queensland itch and is most prevalent between spring and autumn in temperate climates. 

Horses that constantly rub and scratch can develop secondary infections and extreme inflammation that may require antibiotic treatment as well as corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and pruritis (itch).  SOA Itch be Gone used correctly and regularly can break this itch cycle before it gets to the this stage. 

What are the causes of itching?

Itching can be caused by Qld or Sweet Itch, Neck Threadworms, sweating, worms (around the tail area), allergies to pollens/grasses and nutritional deficiencies.  It is a difficult and often costly exercise trying to get to the cause but SOA Itch Be Gone can provide some much needed relief from the constant itching associated with these issues.  It is NOT A CURE, so it is still important to try and establish what may be causing your horse/pet to be itchy. 

Help!  I have an Itchy Horse/Dog - what can I do to stop it?

Firstly try and establish the cause of the itch.  This may require a visit to the vet to confirm the cause.  Repellents alone don't work.  Rugging horses helps a little but still your horse is constantly rubbing.  There could be associated factors that you need to address which include dietary supplementation as well. 

  1. Use SOA Itch Be Gone to break the itch cycle and allows the skin/hair to repair.  For extreme cases, you may need to lather the animal all over and leave for minimum 3 hours or overnight to really penetrate the coat and skin.  Sometimes treating two days in a row is effective.
  2. Rug your horse (hoods with ears may be necessary as well but be aware that hoods can become dangerous if an itchy horse rubs and gets the hood over their eyes and becomes panicked).  Make sure that the hood fits well to avoid this.
  3. Use repellents during the summer months.  There are a number of good commercial repellents on the market but if you would prefer to use less chemical products we also have a few recipes that people have posted that may be beneficial.  
  4. Diet - salt is a natural antihistamine and there's now research underway as to the impact on salt in the horse's diet.  Mycotoxins is another cause of horses itching so using a good toxin binder can be another weapon against the itch war.  


Is SOA Itch Be Gone safe for sensitive skin?

Yes it is, due to the 100% natural formulation.  Many years of testing have gone into the production of this soap.  The active ingredient is Ocean Sulfur.


Is there a soap for people?

Yes there is, SOA Skin Recovery is specially formulated for human use.  It assists in providing immediate itch relief for people who have eczema, psoriasis, acne, skin allergies, dermatitis and bites/stings.