About Us

Equines2Canines was born from years of trying to combat the constant suffering of our horses every summer.  

Every time we looked at them they were obsessively scratching or rubbing on trees or fences to the point of tearing and damaging their skin, coats and countless rugs/hoods.

We have tried so many products and spent countless dollars trying to ease their discomfort over the years and stop the rubbing.  We found SOA Itch Be Gone mentioned on a forum and gave it a try.  We were so impressed by its effectiveness in relieving itch that we then contacted the manufacturer about supplying it here in Australia.

SOA Itch Be Gone™ & SOA Skin Recovery™ soaps are manufactured in the USA and widely sold throughout the USA & UK.

After having first hand experience with the human soap and being able to get feedback (its a shame our animals can't talk), our family, friends and customers have all spoken of the "IMMEDIATE" itch relief the soap brings. Once you have broken the itch cycle,  it is essential that you use repellents and measures to prevent more bites.

Also, horses in particular, scratch for many different reasons and you may need to consult a vet about underlying causes for the itchiness.  The soap provides relief but is not a cure.