Up-Right® Anti Cast Stable Strips

What our Customers are saying...

I have literally tried every ointment, cream, potion on the market to stop my skin from being so itchy, drying out and cracking with my eczema.  My work colleague gave me a bar of SOA Natural Skin Soap and I applied it straight away.  The itch relief was immediate.  It stops me from the constant scratching and tearing of my skin and is allowing the skin to heal for the first time in years.  My dog also suffers from allergies to grass seeds and midges and I have been using the Soa Itch Be Gone.  It’s the first time that he hasn’t been constantly scratching day and night and is getting a decent night’s sleep (and so am I). 



Jane M, Brisbane

I was the lucky one to win this fabulous prize. My STB isn't scratching she seems quite happier now 👌
My sons happier his dermatitis is clearing up well and I don't notice him scratching anymore(btw it drives me up the wall watching him scratch) 👌
My beloved dog didn't seem to mind the treatment either. She has sensitive skin and the soap hasn't affected her and I don't hear scratching at night so looks like another winner 🎉🎉🎉
And well my hayfever has been really bad and I wa...s scratching at my skin too which I normally take a antihistamine for. Well seeing as everyone else was having treatment I used the soap on me too and the itching has stopped 😊
I say it's a massive win win in my house 😊😁
Thank you so much love the products

Janise Mcnicol, Hanley Bridge South Aust

I have used this soap on my Maltese, Oscar, who suffers every summer with an itch that drives him crazy. I bathed him two days ago & he has been itch free ever since. Thank you, this product is amazing. 

Heather McLaughlan, Brisbane

“While this is a business letter, I just have to take a moment and comment on your products! We installed the Anti-Casting Strips in one of our run-ins last year after our best weanling managed to cast herself five times in the space of 3 months! I’m happy to report we haven’t found her down and cast even once since then! (and we are once again sleeping through the night)”

– Lindsay B.

I had to let you know that I am now a convert to your SOA Skin Recovery Soap. I keep one in my handbag and don't go anywhere without it.  I suffer from sudden bouts of allergic hives which is extremely itchy.  This product takes the itch away immediately.  I also have dermatitis on my fingertips and this is the only natural product that seems to clear it up.  I don't want to use cortisone creams which are not good for your skin so this product is my go to for any skin problem.

Alyssa K, Brisbane

I have a horse with a terrible Queensland itch condition and I have found the soap stops the frantic itching and rubbing. I shampoo him with the soap every 2nd or third day because he starts rubbing more again by then and within half an hour or so it seems to ease off.

Lesley Breton, Crohamhurst, Queensland